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Toad for Oracle Error - "Line Too long on line"


Please someone can help me to eliminate this error in TOAD.
When I open the application it shows me the following table and does not allow me to open the TOAD.
I have some idea of what it may be: maybe it is because of the SQL content that was stored when closing the application and it is likely that I can not read all the lines, I do not know.
But if there is any start or configuration file that allows me to re-enter please tell me.


Thank you.

That’s coming from streaming in one of the configuration files. Close Toad and look at your User Files folder for *.dat files.

User files folder is by default located here… C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Dell\Toad for Oracle<Toad Version>\User Files

To start rename SavedSQL.dat and then start Toad.



Make the following changes and the result was successful.

Delete the SavedSQL.dat, LexLib.lxl, and LexLib.old files from the folder
C: \ Users \ \ AppData \ Roaming \ Quest Software \ Toad for Oracle \ \ User Files

Delete the Toad.el file from the folder C: \ Users \ <AppData \ Roaming \ Quest Software \ Toad for Oracle \

Restart my computer and start TOAD without problems.

Many thanks for the support michael.