Toad for Oracle vs Rapid SQL


Does anyone has features comparison of these 2 tools? pros and cons are welcome.



Have you tried ask the same question on Rapid SQL forum?

I worked at Embarcadero before coming to Quest/Dell 15 years ago. So I know their tools fairly well. Toad began it’s life as an Oracle tool - and Toad for Oracle remains 100% an Oracle tool. yes we have other Toad’s now for other Databases - but they are different code base (C# vs. Delphi) and different teams. Rapid SQL began it’s life as a Sybase tool and then added additional database support. So they are not 100% dedicated to Oracle like Toad. So many times you will see things like new Oracle version support sooner in Toad. Also Toad offers an optional DB Admin Module that enables many DBA features inside Toad. With Embarcadero you must buy a separate tool - DBArtisan. I cannot give you a bullet by bullet comparison as such a spreadhseet would be hundreds of lines long with multiple sheets. Dell Software does not publish such materials as that kind of information is best provided by marketing research firms like Gartner, Meta, Forester, etc. You can purchase database tools market materials from them - or scan the web for some similar research provided by bloggers and such who compare tools for the heck of it. Asking either Dell or Embarcadero to rate their competition is not something either company likes to actively do. The simple statements above are about as much as we can say …