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TOAD unable to connect using RSA Token Password

In my company a certain Oracle database has accounts that have been set up to be connected to using an RSA Token Key generated passwords. I am not able to connect to this DB using TOAD as it seems not to be able to pass the Token Key password where the DB will accept the value. I get bad Userid/Password error. Can this capability be added to TOAD?

ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

Oracle Enterprise

We don't have an environment like this. If you send me some info about how to set it up, I can investigate that. You can email me:


It seems that some users have been able to set it up.

I think you need to set up authentication mode as synchronous:

I found the answer here in your link.


I set this line in my active sqlnet.ora file and I was able to connect with TOAD to the radius protected account with my Token Key password. Thanks for the help.


Excellent! Thanks for following up with the solution.