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TOAD for SQL Server

I have a user who is the data owner. They grant SELECT on a table to a handful of users. Later on when they want to verify that, they use TOAD in Object Explorer and click on the permissions tab. The permissions don't show.
Now, a user with sysadmin (of course!) can see the permissions just fine.
What privileges does this user need to see permissions granted on his own object?


I tried playing around with different logins and schemas and everytime I could see permissions on an object that I could give/take permissions to. I tested on Toad for SQL Server 7.1.3.
Can you describe the issue in more detail? Who created the objects in which schemas and who are the users and in which roles?

Hi Dan.

The login and user is SDECREATOR. It owns tables and other objects. In TOAD for SQL Server they connect as SDECREATOR. They can see their objects. They granted SELECT to a user MAPVIEW. However, the permissions tab is blanks.

To take that one step further I was able to reproduce this in SSMS as that user. As a user with sysadmin I can see the permissions granted, but as SDECREATOR the Properties --> Permissions is blank.

SDECREATOR is a sql login, and it is a user in the database and a schema. It creates objects, and then grants SELECT to other users to VIEW the data.

I haven't confirmed this part yet, but these databases have a 3rd party software ArcGIS from ESRI installed into them. SDECREATOR creates features classes and its geodatabase elements. I need to confirm that just creating a simple single table is the same.


I did this as SDECREATOR.
Logged into TOAD.
Created a table TEST.
Refreshed the item
View Details.
The permissions tab is blank.
shows the SELECT privilege to MAPVIEW.