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Toad for SQL Server 6.8.0 Freeware version suddenly asking for a license key


It’s still not working now.
I Temporarily change the date to last week, I’m using now, but I change date correctly, it’s not working again.

SQL Server Freeware asking for license key

It happens again, Toad for SQL Server Freeware asks for a valid license key.


It’s happened again - Quest support - please check the build number of, I presume it’s over a year old and therefore needs a new version released.


Same issue, the Community is asking for a license.


I am having the same issue with asking for licence key. Just started this morning.
Using : TOAD Community

Hope this gets fixed soon.


Same for me, please fix it.



Same issue here.
Tried to unistall and reinstall, but didn’t work



Please use a Trial version as a workaround in a meantime.
We know about this issue and we are working to solve it.
It can be downloaded here:




I am facing this issue again. I had encountered a similar issue in Aug, 2018. Please look into this ASAP.




I am having same issue with v


I temporarily solved it by running it as date from last year instead of 2019 and i got it running


For now please use the Toad for SQL Server Beta instead of Freeware. We will continue the Freeware but will not be able to post this for a month or two. Sorry for the inconvenience. Here is the link to the Beta. You are free to download and use. No other requirements.


If you look at the SQL Server Beta build thread you will find that somebody tried to install it 4 hours ago and it’s not working. The reply is that a new version will be posted later this week.
So using the beta version is not a solution I’m afraid.
Poor show by Quest. I’m sure the original author of the TOAD freeware won’t be too happy that the free version is essentially not available.


Hello Jimbob42,

If you relay need Toad for SQL Server and can’t wait a few days, you can register and download the Trial version. It is free for 30 with full functionality and works without any issues.
When the new BETA will have been released you can uninstall the Trial version and use the Freeware version. Also with Trial version you are eligible for a 30 days of support so we can help you with the installation and uninstallation.



Cheers Ondrej, have downloaded and installed the trial version for now. Hopefully the Beta and/or Freeware gets sorted out soon.
Thx Jim


Same blocker problem here.
Please fix the freeware version ASAP or lower the costs for not freeware version.
thank you


Hi there,
In this moment I’m running freeware with a trial license key, hope this version come back soon. I have used freeware Toad since 2013 it would be sad to change the tool in this situation.

greeting from Chile.


The trial is also asking for a licence key? Do you have a 30 day licence key for the trial?


I’m getting an error on the BETA now too…


Thanks, my mail is slow, I have the 30 day licence key