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Toad for SQL Server 6.8.0 Freeware version suddenly asking for a license key


Hello Luca.arpaia,

Please use a Trial version of Toad for SQL Server mentioned above.



I downloaded the trial version but no license code was emailed.


When you download the trial you should receive an email. Within that email you should have the license info to set on the trial


The Freeware Version you have downloaded is also the same as the Trial version.

I would suggest that you only need to Register and obtain the email which will contain the Trial Key and the Site Message which you would need to enter.


Didn’t receive the code. Even checked my spam folders.


A new Beta will be posted by Friday.



Does the new freeware has been release ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hello. It appears that a new Beta has not yet been posted. Is that correct and if so, do you have an estimated date for it?

The link below is where I am watching for a new release/posted version:


Still no new BETA. Can we have an updated ETA?


I too would like an updated ETA. It’s been a week now that I’ve been unable to use Toad.


Beta 7.x was posted a week ago:

I see that it was posted in the main Toad for SQL Server forum instead of the Beta forum, which may have caused some to miss the post…



I guess I should specify that I am more interested in an update for the freeware version, which is what I am using. What is the major difference between the beta build and the freeware build if I may ask?


I’m also more interested in the normal “freeware version” of Toad for SQLServer. Is there any news on that?
thank you


Same here. My trial version ending in 10 days and I would like to know when the new freeware will be released ?



Hi @Debbie_Peabody, @Ondrej.Zizka,
is there any news about the availability for regular freeware version of Toad for SQL Server?

thank you


It will be released mid April along with Toad for SQL Server 7.0.3.


I see that the freeware version is still not working


Trial versions don’t work any more, no new freeware version released - is there an update please Quest?


Pardon for me stating what I think it the obvious, but it’s free guys - like what do you expect? Free everything?! Pay for it, end of problem.


Free does not mean that it can stop working suddenly ..

I was happy to use Toad ( not free ) in the previous place I worked in ..
But today, in my new job, there is no option to get the paying one ... and so I was really happy to use the free version ... and really bored today ( since 2-3 months ) as my work was relying on queries and working in toad to browse the database

I'm trying to find another tool ... no other choice :frowning: