Toad Group Policy Manager - "Server Login: Connections" Restriction No Longer Works

In versions of Toad for Oracle after 11.0, it no longer obeys the “Server Login: Connections” restrictions setting in Toad Group Policy Manager. I don’t know if this is something on the Toad for Oracle side or Toad Group Policy Manager side, but it’d be most helpful to have this functionality work again.


Before all, did you install separate download of “Toad Group Policy Manager Freeware v1.3.2” (do not believe it is 1.0 version as stated, it is 1.3.2!) which is no longer part of Toad for Oracle default download?

If not please do that from

If yes, then which steps has you passed in that tool?
i.e hope you did read blogpost.



No, I’ll give that a try. Didn’t realize there was a later version of it.


Even that version is around 5 years old and hasn’t been updated at all. It’s likely that the encryption mechanism changed and because TGPM isn’t an actively maintained application, that functionality may have broken.