Toad hangs when fill wrong data in grid


when fill wrong data in grid (as comma or space in number fields.) we face error that stuck and no way to remove so i need to kill the toad instance.


Hi Ziad,

This is in the beta, right? Can you double-check and let me know if this happens in 16.2 also?

And - are you typing the wrong numbers in or pasting? Can you give me an example of what you are pasting or typing?

When I try this, Toad quickly catches the mistake before it gets to the database:



it happened before in 16.1 and now in 16.2; yes this happen when i paste it with comma or space then i try to move to next record to let toad send the data.


Please let me know:

  1. Your windows settings for thousand/decimal separator
  2. Your Toad settings for the same (In Options -> General)
  3. What datatype your column is - (just NUMBER or with some precision?)
  4. An actual value that you paste which causes the problem
  5. Database and client version (or if you aren't using a client).


i don't know if it makes a difference , but i change data in the editor grid using "select rowid"

data type number (18,6)
data as (13,2223.98)