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un able to open a browser



I’m having problems opening DB browser after connecting to a Oracle 11g database.

This is what happens:

  1. I log into the DB

  2. I can qury the database when logged in.

  3. However, if I try to open a Schema Browser window, Toad simply hangs.

I tried it with one database, and it works just fine.

I tried it with anotehr database I would like to use, and Toad simply hangs. This used to work in the past.

Could you please tell me what could possibly be the problem?

Thank you - Umesh


Usually when Toad hangs, we are waiting for Oracle to complete some query. To find the query that’s causing the problem, you can turn on spool sql in the database where it works to capture the queries, then try those queries one at a time in the database where it hangs. To turn on spool sql, go to Toad’s main menu, then Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool to SQL to Screen.