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Toad in Security environment

**I have some issue in my environment because when we have any oracle developer using Toad to access DB but must be he get as admin on windows, please we need your support to using Toad without windows administration. **

What version of Toad are you using, what OS are you using, and what is the issue you're having? As you can see from the screen capture, Toad works fine in a standard user role.

please find the issues I am facing while accessing the Toad.


Also I have observed I do not have access to create a file in C drive (only folder create option is there)

The issue is that you are trying to use a 10 year old version of the product in an environment that didn’t exist at the time that it was developed. You are at least 15 versions behind on upgrades. Your only real option here is to get on a version that is supported and can work with modern security on modern operating systems.

Ok, now I need to upgrade but after this step can we access without admin privilege?

Yes. The version you are using was designed during the Windows XP/Windows 2000 days and the “admin privileges” concept was just taking hold in Windows. The current version (12.10) is designed to not write anything into the program files folders but instead writes to the %APPDATA% folders and the Microsoft Windows guidelines dictates. The screen capture I originally sent was from v12.10 and logged in as a standard user (not administrator). It has been this way for many, many releases.