Toad Intelligence Central - determine if there are running jobs

Is there a programmatically way to check if there are active running jobs on a TIC server? Thru PowerShell would be great.

Checking processes, I see several toad.exe threads, what seems to be related to running jobs; however it doesnt match in number what the UI says.

I'm looking for a way to determine from PowerShell, if there is any active job and if not, take some administrative tasks on the hosting server.


In TDP SQL Editor, you can run the following query over TIC database to see if there are active running jobs.

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM _toad_automation.toad_auto_get_all_script_executions WHERE status = 'RUNNING';

As a result, you'll get a number of running jobs.

I hope it helps. :smiley:

@petar.petrov thanks by your reply.

this would only be possible from TDP, correct? I'm actually looking for an out-of-box way to determine it.

my scenario is:

identify if any job is running
bail if yes

if no jobs running >> take Toad services down and perform some maintenance tasks on the server

There are several tools I have on the server to use for that, PowerShell/Bash/Python/Puppet/Node..., but would have to be something that can be run from outside TDP, in an automated way. And if it is not auth dependent, even better.

I'm currently looking for a way to interact directly with the internal Quartz Scheduler, maybe thru a Java snippet but no luck so far.

One thing that I found is that I constantly see toad.exe threads on the server like:

D:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 6.0\Toad.exe" -batch="true" C:\ProgramData\Quest Software\AutomationScript

but its count doesn't match active jobs; however, do you know if there is a correlation on it? I mean, can I assume that if no toad.exe threads running, I can assume no active jobs?

Do you know of anything that be used to accomplish it? Thanks.

You're right. If there's no Toad.exe there's no active jobs. The number of toad.exe processes should correspond with number of active jobs. If that's not the case, then some of them might be stuck.

However, you can use MySQL client to run the query from PowerShell or any other tool.

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