Toad modeler for schema documentation

We use an oracle database which has an user QAuser and QAown. How can Qauser run a Toad modeler to generate the schema documentation of QAown. Qaown is our application database schema

Welcome to the Toad/Oracle forum.

Are you speaking about using the product called Toad Data Modeler to do this? Although Toad/Oracle can generate partial data model diagrams, it can't build an entire data model (say, the data model for QAown, for example). However, Toad Data Modeler can. If QAuser has permission to "see" all of the QAown schema, then it's very do-able.

BTW, since you used the term "schema documentation", Toad has a capability called "HTML Schema Doc Generator" that creates full documentation for any or all of your schemas (minus any diagrams) so give this a try if you simply need to document what's on the database.