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Toad starting very slowly when installed into PC without public internet access



When Toad is installed into the PC that resides in company intranet (so without access to public internet), Toad is starting up very slowly.

These two are loaded very slowly:

  • Checking for critical files..

  • Initializing Version Engine...

On total I am waiting well over a minute for these two.

Toad is installed using "RESTRICTIONS=i", which should disable internetaccess:

PS> msiexec /i "..../toad/ToadforOracle_GA_14.1.120.923_x64_En.msi" /q RESTRICTIONS=i

I have checked registry entry also, this seems fine to me:

I also tried this (Toad.ini), but no luck:


On PC where I have public internet access, it opens up within 1-2 seconds.

For Toad 14.0 GA release, there was no such issue.


Raul, with Toad closed...

  1. Remove all files from... C:\ProgramData\Quest Software\DBT\CVE\Logs
  2. Open Toad.ini in text editor; its default location is %APPDATA%\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\14.1\User Files\Toad.ini
  3. Add DEBUG=1 to the [SETTINGS] section and save
  4. Open Toad
  5. Close Toad once it has fully initialized; there is no need to make any connections, etc.
  6. Send all files generated in C:\ProgramData\Quest Software\DBT\CVE\Logs and in Toad's log folder to me. The default location for Toad's log folder is %APPDATA%\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\14.1\User Files\logs

I'll shoot you a direct message with my email.

I have the same problem.
What is the solution of problem?

I suppose they'll have to fix it.

@mstaszew, what is the status of this, were you able to find out anything from the logs that I sent to you..?


Facing Same issue for version 14.1. please provide solution.

Same for version 14.1 and 14.2 (takes even longer). "Initializing version engine" logs:

[INFO] [2021-07-28 08:47:37:635] - Initializing Version Engine
[INFO] [2021-07-28 08:47:37:635] - Certified Version Engine - Initializing
[INFO] [2021-07-28 08:47:37:635] - Certified Version Engine - Session ID: TOAD-BEC82A3C-B680-4EBB-9A9C-260E5C46D94F
[ERROR] [2021-07-28 08:48:07:676] - Certified Version Engine - [ECertifiedVersionException] Engine initialization timeout
[ERROR] [2021-07-28 08:48:07:676] - Certified Version Engine - Engine Health - [Status] Error [Exception] ECertifiedVersionException [Message] Engine initialization timeout
[ERROR] [2021-07-28 08:48:07:676] - Certified Version Engine - Failed to initialize
[ERROR] [2021-07-28 08:48:07:676] - Engine initialization timeout
[INFO] [2021-07-28 08:48:07:676] - Certified Version Engine - Checking Operating System
[INFO] [2021-07-28 08:48:07:676] - Certified Version Engine - Operating System Checked - [Result] EngineError [Action] Allow [LicenseModel] QuestKey [LicenseType] PerpetualOnMaintenance* [LicenseIsTrial] False [Message] null

Let's see if the engine's logs will provide any more data. Toad's log is good for quick confirmation of the delay and we can see that the timeout occurred, but it doesn't tell us why.

With Toad closed...

  1. Open toad-install-folder\CertifiedVersionEngine\appsettings.json in a text editor opened as administrator
  2. Set the "MinimumLevel" value to "Debug" on line 7
  3. Save the file
  4. Start Toad
  5. After Toad initializes, grab the log file from the C:\ProgramData\Quest Software\DBT\CVE\Logs folder and post its contents here

The file may contain your Windows logon username in file paths so mask it before posting if you'd like.

Also, we did some tests and the timeout on the HTTP request is a bit too high. That will be adjusted, but there will still be a little bit of a delay because we have to attempt reaching the service before it is known that we cannot.

If you do not have public internet access available then I suggest setting InternetAccess=0 in Toad.ini, the [SETTINGS] section. Do this with Toad closed.

Despite the modification in appsettings.json there is no logfile in the logfile path. The directory did not exist, I created it but even then no logs. Starting TOAD as windows administrator did not help either.

Great to hear that you can reproduce the prob and will reduce the timeout. For whatever reason the timeout error disappeared today, now there is a nag screen that shows a Win-7 warning which has to be confirmed! -- So one problem is replaced by another !!! There is no checkbox for permanently confirming / removing this dialog. :unamused:


Was something done regarding this issue in latest versions..?