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After closing Toad program, it becomes unresponsive in environments where no public internet access is allowed



Another thing I noticed that seems to be due to no public internet access on server where Toad is installed..

When closing Toad with the X (on top of right corner), seems like it is doing another web check there also or sth.

Toad is also installed using " RESTRICTIONS=i ", which should disable internetaccess:

PS> msiexec /i "..../toad/ToadforOracle_GA_14.1.120.923_x64_En.msi" /q RESTRICTIONS=i

Toad.ini setting does not work also:


When Toad is installed into the PC where I have public internet access, there is no such problem.


Raul, try making this setting too.

Hmm, I don't see how, there is no such option there. Perhaps this is present only if I have installed with internet access..?



Hm, Maybe so.

Look for this in Toad.ini: FeedBackOptIn=

If you find FeedBackOptIn=1, change it to FeedBackOptIn=0

You can also add FeedBackOptIn=0 (under SETTINGS) if it is not found at all.

I checked Toad.ini file and it was enabled indeed.


I changed it to 0 and saved this file.

Opened toad and then closed it, and now it indeed closed within 1-2 second.

So I think this setting must depend on internetacces, if I install Toad with internetaccess disabled (via Toad.ini or registry entry), then this FeedBackOptIn setting should default to 0 also.


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Does that also help your start up time?

Unfortunately no, it did not change anything there.