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toad10.1 problem with SHOW/HIDE columns


toad10.1 problem with SHOW/HIDE columns


This is about 10.1 the GA.

Right click does nothing in the pop-up. Multi-select does not work.

OOPS. I just saw I sent the original request to the ToadBETA. I am now sending


Oh, yeah this was a beta enhancement.


Dumb question - you did go check the grid option settings - right? The behavior between 9.x and 10.x has changed somewhat - and you’ll find several discussion threads on just this topic - as well as some blogs and such off toad world talking about such changes. Plus I think the release notes or the what’s new doc done for each release talks about this …


In looking at the RELEASE NOTES under GRIDS I see the following

Show/hide columns with Quick Column Customization drop down in upper left

I can’t find this in the SB


[ Attachment(s) from John Dorlon included below]

This is what I sent the screenshot of earlier today. The only difference is that
popup menu didn’t exist until the 10.5 beta cycle.



This is the upper left button on all grids.