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ToadInside a bit too sensitive ? 64b

I get this feeling that TI become a bit too sensitive - DropDown is displayed even when I get to new line using Enter.

Another one is after any dot it gets displayed after := (assignment), even though I choose nothing from the list after enter first variable from package (top of the list) is added before EOL.


my_var :=

here TI is displayed with all variables and objects, but I continue with

my_var := 21;

at this moment first var from the list displayed above is dropped even though now list is empty

my_var := 21;first_from_the_list

It’s actually pretty hard to not get TI displayed.

I floundered about on this one, but I think it should be better in first beta when we start the cycle again. Try there.

Older Toad would filter the list and select the first item as you started typing. Now the popup filters, but doesn’t select first item. When you press ENTER it accepts the first item as it did in the past with one notable difference. If you’ve typed nothing (or you have a ‘;’) and the list is showing items ENTER is accepting first item incorrectly. I changed it to only accept the first item if what you’ve typed is a substring of it which seems to be the behavior in older versions.

A new change is that when we do not accept the first item ENTER will add the newline. Older Code Insight (Toad 11.6) would close the popup on ENTER and not insert the newline.

Let’s start here and tweak as needed.

If you want to tone Code Insight down a bit uncheck the “Expected Tokens” and “PL/SQL Variables/Params” options. Those cause CI to be very aggressive. Alternatively you can uncheck “Enable Code Insight pick list” option and call on it manually using CTRL+T when you need it. That’s how I use Delphi’s code assist since generally I don’t care for it slowing my roll, but when I need it I have it.