Top Session Finder - Find Selected Session in Session Browser doesn't find the selected session.

This is a problem in 12.6 also. It will open or change focus to Session Browser window but doesn’t go to the session.

I find that it goes to the session, but if the session is in a collapsed node due to grouping, the group isn’t expanded, so you don’t see the selected row. Is that what you see too?

I have sessions grouped by User. If I Expand All but the session in question is not visible, the session is “selected” but it’s not visible in the Session Browser window. I have to scroll to find it; which isn’t very useful IMO. If groups are collapsed and the User node is not visible, again “selecting” does not bring the User’s node into the visible portion of the window. Would be super to have it expand the node too.

OK, next beta it should expand the target and scroll down to it also.