Two niggly "issues" with Toad v10


I’m running Toad which is, on the whole, great! The niggly issues I had with 9.7 seem to be gone (hurrah!), but a couple of new ones have popped up.

I’ve searched, but haven’t found anything mentioned for either of them, so here goes:

  1. This is probably just the way the functionality now works (and isn’t too annoying), but in 9.7 and earlier, I could highlight the whole row that my cursor was on, but when I copied data, it copied only the cell that I’d clicked on.

In 10, the new grid functionality now works such that when you’ve got the select-the-row option switched on, you automatically copy the entire row (including row numbers, if you’ve got that switched on). In order to just copy the cell I’m interested in, I have to turn the select-the-row option off, copy the data and then turn it back on.

I’ve searched the options but can’t find anything at allows me to toggle the “copy from cell/row” independently of the select-the-row option. Am I missing something, or is that functionality not present?

  1. This one seems like a bug - albeit a small one! In the editor, I have comments highlighted with a different colour background and text plus the italic option set.

I have discovered that when the italic option is set, it causes problems when I try to select a point to put the cursor / doubleclick to highlight a word with the mouse. It simply doesn’t put the cursor where I expect it to be, and therefore makes highlighting a word a pain! None of the other options (on their own) cause this problem; it only occurs when the italic option is selected. It also doesn’t matter whether it’s single-line or multi-line comments.

Workarounds are either to remove the commenting before trying to highlight the word or to remove the italics from the syntax highlighting.

Item #2 is logged for our component developer. I’m working with him to help get it fixed, but it likely won’t make it for our patch.


Ok, thanks for the update.

For #1

Unless you need to select non consecutive rows you don’t need to have row select
on to select a row.

When you have row select unchecked and you move your cursor to the first column
which shows a sideways triangle when you have already clicked on something in
that row and click on it, it will select the whole row. Also if you click and
drag your mouse down that column you will select multiple rows. Clicking in a
cell selects that cell as usual. The only thing you can’t do with row select
unchecked is select non consecutive rows. If you could then we probably don’t
need that option any more.


I know I don’t need to have the row select on, but the little triangle symbol is just not helpful enough.

I like having a visual clue as to what row I’m on (such as the entire row being highlighted) - eyesight problems mean it’s difficult for me to pick out the row I’m interested in when I scan across the row. Having the little triangle on the left hand side is useless when I’m looking across the row on the far right of the cell I’ve selected.

I don’t think that’s an unreasonable use of this functionality, and as I said, I guess I’ll just have to keep going with the workaround (unselecting it when I just want to copy the cell, reselecting afterwards) - unless there is another option that I have missed!

Ah, I was a wee bit hasty in my previous message! Wish I’d reread your reply before hitting the post button, d’oh! (Too early, not enough caffeine…)

I don’t want to have to select the row by clicking on the little arrow or by clicking and dragging. I much prefer the click-on-a-cell-and-highlight-the row functionality that the row select gives.

So looks like I’ll just have to stick to the workaround from now on! (Ironic really, as in 9.7 I was wondering if there could be an option to grab the whole row and not just the clicked on cell! *{:wink: )