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Connection to Oracle 8.0.5 Db through TOAD 9.6

I’m using Toad Toad 9.6 version, but each time I try connecting the data base using SYSDBA user I got different error messages:

1." ORA-01031 : Insufficient privileges "If I connect as “SYSDBA” I got another error message

2.“Connection to this server version is no longer supported” if connect as “Normal”

I can connect to the data base after telnet the server and using sqlplus !!

Have you tried to connect to Oracle 8.0.5 DB through TOAD ?
If yes, What version did you use?

My guess is that you’ll have to use a VERY old client as well. When you telnet in to the server and use SQL Plus there, it’s the same version as the server (probably You’ll need that client installed on the same machine as Toad for you to be able to connect

From about Oracle 9i onwards, there was no client support for any databases less than release 9.0.1. SO, in order to connect to this 8.0.5 database you need to be using a client from release 7.3.4 through 8.1.7 only. Nothing else will work.

It’s been a while, but I’m not sure connecting AS SYSDBA was available in Oracle 8.0, but don’t quote me on that!

I know I used to have to use a 9i client for some databases and a 7.3.4 client for others. the problem is, Toad can only use one client for open connections, so the first one used is used for any other connections you try to make. To get around that problem, I used to have two separate Toads open at the same time, one running my 9i client and the other running the 7.3.4 client connections.

Good luck.


Norm. [ TeamT ].

As has been mentioned, you’re trying to use a 10 year old version of Toad to talk to a database that came out with Windows 98. Basically, you’re treading in dangerous waters, but I’m sure you’re (painfully?) aware of that already.

There’s an article on My Oracle Support if you have it: It shows what version(s) of Oracle clients you’ll need to talk to which version(s) of the databases. It says that clients up to 8.1.7 were supported to talk to 8.0.5 databases, but especially with these older versions, try very hard to use the exact same version of the client, down to the 4th or 5th number if you can. Version-specific bugs were prevalent, if unrepressed memory serves.

Also check out Bert’s post with an Toad-vs-Oracle version chart: (I think an updated version would be cool/useful, too!)