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Unable to open database exports


When using the Export File Browser I am unable to open several database exports. I receive this error “This is not a valid export file - please select another file”.

I have other export files that I am able to open. The only difference that I can see between the ones that do open and the ones that don’t is one line in the export log.

The files that do work have a line similar to this in their corresponding export log file:
“Export done in WE8ISO8859P1 character set and AL16UTF16 NCHAR character set”

The files that do not work, do not have any character set lines in the log file.

Any thoughts?


Export File Browser does not support files created by DataPump, only those created by Exp. Is it possible that the ones that aren’t opening are created by DataPump? If you aren’t sure, and you have one that is small enough to email, you can send it to me at


Unfortunately I cannot email the files. Is there any way I can tell by examining the files?


go to a dos prompt and run IMP. It will ask you for username and password. One of the questions it will ask you is "“list contents of import file”. If you answer “Yes” to that question, it won’t actually import the file, but it will just show you what’s in it.

If you try to run IMP against a file created by datapump, you won’t even make it to that question before it tells you that it can’t process a file created by data pump.


I confirmed with the dba that did the export that he used data pump. Is there anyway to convert the dumps? Or will we have to import and re-export using exp?


There’s no way to convert them that I know of besides of importing into some database and then re-exporting using Exp.


OK, thanks for the help.