Unable to Schedule scripts - apparent server error

I recently had my company PC replaced, which included an upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit. So I upgraded my TOAD Data Point 4.1 to 64 bit. Everything was working OK until I had a need to cross-connect to an Excel spreadsheet. I couldn’t, and with the help of TOAD Support, determined it was because I still had 32-bit MS Office. So I un-installed 64 bit TDP 4.1, and installed 32 bit TDP 4.1 instead. I was now able to cross-connect to Excel, and for the most part, seem to be working OK.

However, I find I now have a new problem: I can’t schedule any automated tasks. After creating a script and testing it (without error), when I go to Schedule, the Job Manager window launches, but on the Task List tab, I now get this error:

Completed 0 of 1 servers

Operations completed with errors. Click the button for more details.

Server: (servername)
Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

And that’s as far as I can get. I see my server (which is really my PC) listed on the Windows Tasks to the left, but it doesn’t have the checkmark in the box to the left of its name like it used to before I switched back to 32 bit. I thought I’d try removing it and re-adding it, but removing it is not an option.

The script itself is very basic, just a simple query and an e-mail. I can manually run it successfully, and the log doesn’t indicate any errors.

It appears to me to have some issue locating/connecting to my machine. I can automate the script if I do it directly in Windows Task Scheduler. The last thing I’ll mention is, even though I un-installed 64 bit TDP, apparently not everything was removed as my db connections were immediately available and I didn’t need to enter in my license key during 32 bit install, so I don’t know if maybe there is some residual 64 bit configuration setting that is interfering.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I have one pc here at work with that issue. I entered QAT-10492 to look in to this. It is a remote team that manages this code so give me some time to get a response.

I mentioned I was working with TOAD Support on the original issue. She contacted me to see how it went, and I mentioned the new issue. She had me run TDP as an administrator, and that fixed the problem. I only had to run it as administrator the one time. Now the Scheduler recognizes my server/machine and I can schedule tasks.

I don't have a fix for this yet but I found that if you went to the options for the job manager and chose version 1.0 the error did not occur and you could use the Job Manager.

I am having a very similar issue, where I cannot schedule jobs from the automation tool. The job manager itself opens, but I can’t get to the pop up screen where you actually schedule the task.

When I go into Options under Job Manager/Advanced, I do not see the box you show here for Use Task Scheduler 1.0. I’m on TDP version 3.7.0973