Unable to use Pivot Grid inside Automation Loop

The Pivot Grid and loop will execute independently, but when I place the Pivot Grid inside the loop, I get the following error:

Loop_data_1 - Type 'Quest.Toad.PivotGrid.Setting.GrandTotalSettings' in Assembly 'ToadCommon, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=ef645eb5653fd56a' is not marked as serializable.

I am new to Toad and am using Toad Data Point (64 bit).

Hi Kristen,

I'll move this to the Toad Data Point forum. We're just Toad for Oracle here.


Thanks for moving this to the correct forum.

For anyone else reading this, I reached out to Tech Support who recreated the issue and it is being looked at by the developers. If I find out more information, I will update the post.