Unchanged sql file change status to (Deleted) (Modified?)

I'm noticing last time that some of my files (not all) maybe after few minutes after they are opened, change status from initial state like it was opened to (Deleted) (Modified) at the end of a file name in window tab, even I didn't changed anything in this file, like you can see below. First is displayed Deleted and at the end and then soon also Modified. Why is this happening?
I'm opening all files from my personal network folder and only I work on them.


Hi Blacksmith,

Those indicators refer to the file being modified/deleted externally from Toad, to indicate that what you have in the editor is out-of-date (if modified) or the only copy left (if deleted). It's weird that you are seeing both, but it sounds like maybe there is some network access problem going on, since you mention it's a network folder.


Yes, I know that's meaning that is modified externally, but like I wrote, only I have access to these files. If there is network access problem why then happen only on some files if all are opened from the same folder?

That's a good question. I'm not sure about that.