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Update Model from data base


I do all my structural changes in my SQL server data bases and then want to Update the data models I have previously created. If I am only concerned with the all_items workspace, then all is well. However I have separated my all_items workspace into many different subject area workspaces and learned early on that subsequent tables changes get rippled only to auto_complete workspaces. Only my all_items is an auto_complete workspace now. How to I get changes made previously to the all_items workspace to now ripple down to the subject area data bases without painstaking manual effort?

Situation : my all_items workspace is up to date and proper. How do I get all subject area workspaces to now reflect changes made to the all_items workspace? is there a “ripple” tool? Do I have to “merge” all my workspaces with the all_items one? (just asking?)



Hello bscollard,
I’m not sure if I understand right. Good to know is, that model contains Entities and workspaces contain only shortcut on these entities. Shortcut has only graphic information about positions, colors etc. When you update any Entity (for example new attribute is added) then this change is automatically showed in all workspaces where is this entity placed.

So when you do model update you update all entities not only some group from specific workspace(of course you can select entities in model update wizard).
There can be three types of changes

1. In database is new table(entity)
In this case there are no information about workspace, so it will be placed on all workspace with auto-complete setting

2. In database is missing table(entity)
Entity will be delete from model. Shortcuts cannot exist without entity, so all shortcuts of this entity will be deleted to.

3. In database is table but changed
Entity will be update in model. In all workspaces where this entity shortcut is, will be this changed updated.

So I think only one problematic case can be 1. But unfortunately there are no way how automatically determine workspaces, where should be shortcuts created.
In TDM are tools that can add parent or children entities to workspace, so it can help for organize workspace.