Clarification on "All Items" workspace


I believe "All Items" workspace is a default workspace in TDM.

If I create a new data model in new workspace, I could see that same data model in "All Items". Till now I used to remove the data model from "All Items" workspace, just to maintain TDM file by not having any model/relationships in this workspace.

Can we delete this "All Items" workspace? I normally used to generate HTML reports as required to share it with team or customer. At that time I don't want to see this "All Items" workspace in the HTML report.

While generating an HTML report, I can uncheck "All Items" workspace. But still thought of getting clarified will there be any impact in deleting this "All Items" workspace Or is there any other step to maintain this workspace. Please advise.

Thanks !!

Hi Rajesh,
All Items Workspace is just default workspace with selected option "Auto Complete".
If Auto options is checked, all objects inserted to model will be automatically placed on this workspace. So All Items workspace should contain all shortcuts of your model.
You can delete this workspace or rename or what ever you want. It is same workspace as others.


Hi Daril,

Thanks for the information.