Upgrade notice popup every time I start Toad

Toad for Oracle version:

Every time I start Toad, i get a popup saying "This version of Toad for Oracle has limited or no support......". I understand the message.

Is there any way I can suppress this?


If I recall my own experience, the message will come up a few dozen times, and then cease. There's no way to suppress it with an option that I know of. However, later versions of Toad handle this particular message a lot better... e.g. versions 16.x...

Hello Gary,
I have been using the TOAD for Oracle version, why is this version is not supported with full enterprise license?

This is not a old version.

Ah, might be mis-interpretation on my part. I assumed that you were talking about the panel that comes up if your Toad is running on an unofficially supported Win OS. For example, I'm running Toad 16.1 on a Win7 workstation, and even though I get the message, Toad still runs fine when I click through the panel. It's just a reminder to our customers that they may be running our product on an unsupported platform.

If my assumption was not correct, kindly post a screen snap of the message. Your Toad 15.x should run fine with your enterprise license key.

Under Help --> Check for Updates you can uncheck the option "perform this check at startup".
The stupid thing about this is, that the box doesn´t save your changes, so this won´t solve the problem.


OK, so that message panel implies that you are using a version of Toad that is no longer officially supported... if it is a VERY old version, you may need to talk to Quest Support, as license key formats may have changed. Otherwise, download the latest version from Support.Quest.com and your license key should work to activate the product.

That message is part of Toad's "Certified Version Engine", which was introduced in version 14.1.

Its purpose is to encourage users to stay on the latest version of Toad.

Thanks for the reminder, John.

And to all of you users out there reading this, John just reminded us why using the latest versions of Toad is important... e.g. in these perilous times when bad actors more frequently attempt to inject malicious code in everyone's software, Quest has stepped up its efforts in the area of product cyber-security. You can read more at