Use of alias for captions on the connections and windows bar

Have 2 issues both related to how aliases are used.

  1. Since an alias is specified for a given connection “user@database” IMO you should replace the entire caption with the alias as this gives one the most flexibility because if one still wants the “user@” prefix they can simply add that to the alias for the given connection to be “user@xxx”. Why force me to display user???

  2. Need the ability to apply the same caption setting described above for the buttons on the window bar. IMO this is where it is needed most as you typically have more window bar buttons than connection buttons. My main intent for the alias is to reduce the width of the buttons. So instead of caption being “my_user_name@my_db_name” I can use an alias of “mun@mdb” and make the button width much smaller but still discernible.