user "create script" issue/bug

Toad for Oracle
Toad for Oracle Professional Add-Ons: DB Admin Module

Select two users in “Schema Browser”.
Right click and select “Create Script”.
Highlight both users.
Output to “Editor - as script”.
Script Options > Users > select “Grants on the users’s objects to other users/roles”.
Click “OK”

The script created in the editor window is not correct. It duplicates the grants for one schema and only sometimes includes the grants for the other schema(s).
If you output to clipboard you get the same wrong result. Output to a file and you only get one users script.

Anyone seen this? Any solutions?


Hi Craig,

Thanks for reporting this. I was not aware if the problem.

First off, I see your Toad version is There were a couple patches
after that release, so you might want to get an update. The updates will not fix
this problem, however.

The duplication problem is fixed for Monday’s beta. I was not able to
reproduce any missing statements. Can you give me some more details on that one?


I noticed the duplication depends on how many schemas are selected – so
maybe the statements that appear to be missing are really in the output.

If you select one schema, output appears to be OK.

If you select 2, the first one is displayed twice, the 2nd appears once (at the

If you select 3, the first one is displayed three times, the 2nd twice, and the
last once.

And so on.

Maybe that is why some things appear to be missing. If this is all that is
wrong, then all will be fixed on Monday’s beta.

For now, just select one schema at a time, and you should be OK.

Phew!! I thought i was going mad … Thanks for getting this fixed.