Using ODBC Simba connection to Google BigQuery and using DataImport


I am using a SIMBA ODBC driver to connect my TOAD Data Point 5.7 to Google BigQuery.
The DataImport (Excel to BQ table) is not working -- and I suspect it is because BigQuery uses a "database.schema.table" format, and Data Point does not recognize this method.
Can anyone verify if this is true and is there a work-around to import data into BigQuery using TOAD Data Point?


Data sources other than Relational databases are read-only in TDP. This is documented in the product Help. Meaning that you won't be able to use TDP to write to BigQuery.

One way to get your data into BQ is to export from data from your source to a format that BQ supports with it's load utility/ies, e.g. like CSV. TDP can easily create the extract file, and then, at minimum, you can use BQ's command line load utility to read in the CSV file.

Hope this helps.

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