Version Manager how to share project

I have created a Project in version manager with the “Server” paths on a remote server.
How do I add this project to a colleague’s TDM so we can both access/work on it?

Hello Malcolm,
your colleague should set the Server Version Manager files path (Settings - Options - Version Manager - Server - File with Projects, Path to Projects) approprietly (like in your configuration).
That should be enough to share the Project. However, as it happens, your colleague won’t be able to create “private” Projects. The Projects will be allways visible to all who can access the shared Project.
Good luck

Hello Fero,
Our problem was the mapping of network drives. We were using different drive letters and the absolute path is defined when the file is created. I assumed the paths set up in the options would be used each time.
We have set the paths up using UNC format and we can now both access the files.

A few of points I’ve noticed;

  1. If I have my TDM Version Manager (VM) open and my colleague checks a version out, that verion is not shown as locked unless I close and reopen verion manager. An update (auto or button) would be useful. (List of Versions does show both locks).

  2. In my TDM’s VM my lock is a blue padlock, my colleagues is yellow. List of Versions shows my lock with a yellow padlock and my colleagues with a blue one. The same colour code should be used throughout.

  3. Version lock properties for my colleague’s checkout show user N/A, time N/A.
    List of Versions shows lock Admin, lock time 30/12/1899. We need to know who (username [+ machine?]) has the lock.

Kind regards

  1. This is a good point Perhaps it will be implemented as an automatic refresh. Just when we get a little bit time for Version Manager…

  2. The blue padlock means that you are the one locking person, so you can modify the file. The yellow padlock means that someone else has locked the file, so you shouldn’t make any changes there until the person unlocks the file (project object).
    Now if you tell me that you have different icons for the same version (file), that’s something that’s not supposed to happen

I can only say that List of Versions is not that much tested, so if any inconsistence is found, you better take the informations from Version Manager “primary” window or Properties dialogs.

  1. I’m afraid there’s currently no way to say the particular OS user name + Host machine of locking user now. You can only see that the file is locked.
    Dunno if you can use the file Properties details from OS file system, something like Last changed by…

Thanks for your remarks and patience Malcolm

Hello Malcolm,

A quick update on the issues you have raised.

  1. Automatic refresh in VM - CR # 43 767.
  2. Inconsistent color code of padlocks in VM and List of Versions. CR # 43 768.
  • I'm pleased to inform you that this bug has been fixed for next TDM release.

Version lock properties for my colleague's checkout show user N/A, time N/A. List of Versions shows lock Admin, lock time 30/12/1899.
We will fix it. CR # 43 769.

We need to know who (username [+ machine?]) has the lock.
This request has already been entered and is registered under # 41 404.

Malcolm, thanks for your great co-operation!