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view IDAA table in TOAD?

Is there a way in TOAD to view IDAA tables? For some reason I can’t see IDAA tables in Toad, I always have to go to Data Studio and personally I am not a fan of that tool.

I am using Toad for DB2 (64 bit) for z/OS.


Toad DB2 does not display IDAA tables.

I am curious - what do you do with those tables inside Data Studio?

What features inside of Toad DB2 would you expect for IDAA tables?


We load the tables with various data. I know I have created and loaded IDAA only tables within TOAD.

I would only expect TOAD DB2 to show my the DDL of the table and query the table.

I can query the table in TOAD, but I can’t see the DDL so it makes it hard for joins and just viewing columns.

I personally dont like Data Studio so I try to stay away from it; I prefer to do all my work within TOAD.

Does that help?