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Weird compile error


Here’s a weird one… I’m working on a complex SQL select that includes numerous case statements. It is inside a stored procedure I’m creating. When I compile it in I get an error saying it’s hitting end of file, but I know the
statement is valid. The message is :

[Error] PLS-00103 (174: 37): PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol “end-of-file” when expecting one of the following:

. ( ) , * @ % & = - + < / > at in is mod remainder not rem =>

<an exponent (**)> <> or != or ~= >= <= <> and

If I compile it in 12.6 or sql*plus it compiles just fine.

I tried to recreate the scenario in a generic situation so I could send you a test case that would recreate the failure but I can’t seem to recreate it outside of this procedure I’m creating.

Any suggestions on how to get it to you? Without sending you the tables and the script I don’t see how you can recreate and diagnose the problem.

Chris Johnson

IT Systems Analyst

Distribution Logistics



Spool SQL in both 12.6 and beta and look for differences. Also, if you have the option set to show syntax errors as you type do you see any stray syntax errors in editor gutter? If so, does clicking the refresh button on the navigator correct it? Feel free to send me the script and table DDL if you can.