What is causing the editor to rescan something when I type?

When I am typing and stop for a second, a blue line (blue might be my new color scheme, thanks!) scrolls up and down. I need to wait for the line to finish to start typing again.

I turned off the simple navigator and analyze as I type. What esle could it be?


Are you talking about the scrollbar?

The navigator reloads when you pause. Not sure offhand if there is a way to turn that off other than closing the Navigator.

You can probably make it faster though by right-clicking on it, choosing "Navigator options", and unchecking "show references"

In addition, parsing is done in a thread, but updating of UI controls (the navigator tree you've shown) must be synchronized in the main thread which means it's a blocking operation. Typically this is pretty snappy, but with many nodes to refresh it will be noticeable. How large is your text? I can see it's at least 10k lines. How long is this delay?

I turned off "show references", same. I created a video for you to see the speed.



Michael and I got to the bottom of it. We'll have it fixed for next beta.

For what it's worth, the scroll was not noticeable when themes disabled. But maybe it still would be on a large enough package.


I unchecked "enable color schemes" and all is ok now. Thanks

Yeah this problem is in v17.0.134.x release (in case @marc_109 just thought it was the beta he might be using). Without switching off themes, it makes editing unusable if the navigator is open on a package with large number of funcs and procs.