what is installed on the server by sql nav?

I remember there was something during the install of nav that asked me if I wanted to add some kind of information on my servers for nav. Can you explain what that information is?

Has this information been updated by the various versions of nav?

Hi Henry,

I am not sure what server side install you referred to during installation. I assume that you right to the current v6.x release installation which you should not see any prompt for the server side. You can run the server side install from menu Tools-> Server side install wizard which will installs object needed for Team coding, explain plans…
Please note ONLY in release v5 or earlier, during installyou have the option to run this server install.

Since v6.3, we have added Code Test feature which uses the repository of Quest Code Tester for Oracle product. You will need to set up the repository of QCTO before using the Code Test feature in SQL Navigator.

Hope that the info would help.