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Where I could download IBM Informix ODBC Connector for 64-bits (for Windows)


I'm working with a connection to Informix, having trouble with a DBLink from Toad, I noticed this error (ORA-28500: ORACLE connection to non-Oracle system returned this message: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application {IM014}), I noticed that the driver is 32 bits (it says 32/64 but doesn't show in ODBC 64bits), I downloaded it from here: but seems that needs the 64 bits driver, because I have another DBLink to Teradata that is working but the driver is 32/64 bits and I configure it in ODBC 64bits.

Now I want to try the Informix connection with 64bits driver (IBM Informix ODBC Connector for 64-bits (for Windows)), but I couldn't find it anywhere, I found this but needs license: so the real support requested is where to find and download IBM Informix ODBC Connector for 64-bits (for Windows), thanks in advance.