Where is Server Side Objects Wizard in Toad 11

Hello all

I just upgraded to Toad 11 (Oracle) from 10.6.1. I would like to save the scripts neccessary for creating the toad schema, so that I can make this a part of the standard on all our newly created databases.

But Server Side Objects Wizard is gone in 11. I’m sure there is a plan behind this, but can not figure out what.

Can anybody shed som light on this?

Thank you in advance

Niels Jespersen

You’ve probably seen the “create explain plan table” dialog in
Toad that comes up when you don’t have an explain plan table.

The other objects that the SSOW used to create are now created the same way - on
the fly, as needed.

Thank you for the prompt reply.

Does that mean that there is no longer any reason to create any shared toad-objects? In 10.6, the SSOW created 33 objects.

I think for an administrator it would be nice to be able to know all the objects that makes sense to have shared

Niels Jespersen

If your users have privileges to create the objects then I would say don’t
bother creating them yourself. Let Toad and the users create them as needed.

If your users don’t have privileges, then you can log in as a user who
does have the privileges, and attempt to use the features that require server
side objects. Then Toad will prompt you to create them.

The features that require server side objects are:

Explain Plan

Team Coding

Toad Security

Code Profiler

Space/IO History on Administer|Tablespaces screen

Load File From Database feature in Trace File Browser

If you don’t plan to use some of these features, there is no need to
create the objects.

Once you have the objects created on one database, you can use Toad to generate
the script to create them on the other databases.


why would you take the scripts away? this makes it hard for dev environments where we don’t have permissions to run such things. Need to get the dba’s to run etc. Most dba’s like scripts. This is a step back.


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