Toad objects


Toad installs own objects in separate schema-OK.
Whenever I upgrade to a new release of Toad, I ask myself if new version can/cannot be installed in the same schema.

So mine questions:

  1. Is there any document according this topic?
  2. Is there any documment which explains which objects are installed for certain Toad feature?
    Second question is related to situation when only debug objects are installed and new version is installed … whyt will happened then?

Last question on this topic come to my mind according situation with clients that use different versions of Toad.:
If we have several Toad versions in use (people have in company different licenses for different Toad versions) and want to use Toad objects stored in SAME database… what will the best approach for such a situation?


Damir Vadas

You ask some very good questions. In the very old days Toad used to have a script to create all the database objects - so you had obvious documentation (i.e. the script). Then Toad moved on to a database object creation wizard since some people were not script savvy. Then Toad moved on to “just in time” or “on demand” creation of objects as you try to use a feature needing database objects. So while the creation of the objects is now far easier, it’s not as hands on - so it’s not well documented in it’s efforts to be so easy. There are some items in the online help and blogs/papers on Toad World to discuss some of the objects, but I non longer know for sure of a single, accurate doc for all of it. Might make a good blog topic for Anju or me to write.

Your second question is also very good. In general the objects self-update to match the needs of the most current version of Toad using them. So basically speaking you’re kind of stuck at newest only. But two thoughts - and I’m not making excuses - the objects don’t change that often and some objects might change and yet still be backwards compatible (e.g. an explain plan table created for Oracle 12c would still work for a connection to 9i). But ideally one should probably have a Toad schema per version to avoid any possibilities of problems. Maybe you should add an idea pond request to have multi-versions of the Toad objects co-exist more cleanly - just describe in the request what you mean by that and how it should work. Because you guys in field quite often have better ideas on real world usage than the dev team :slight_smile:


THX for your answer, which I presume-there is no public documents on this subject.
I have placed a new idea pond … as you suggested.


Damir Vadas