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Where to specify paths to "Packages", "Scripts", "Selected OTPs" ?

In v5.5–>Options—> Paths

I successfully specified the paths to all (profile) folders like “Models”, “Projects”, “Galleries”,…

However I miss some path entry fields for “Packages”, “Scripts”, “Selected OTPs”

These subfolders are always automatically created here in a base folder D:\work\

I don’t want them to be created here.

How can I (forever) move them to another location (e.g. to sub folders of D:\uml\toaddata\myprofile…") ?


Hello Peter,

if you want specify paths for Packages, Scripts and Selected OTPs, than you need check expert mode. You can switch on expert mode in Options, page General


When you check this option and confirm it by Apply button, go to page Paths. There will be third tab Advanced.