who is the target user audiance for this tool?

I have been very excited by the features I have found in the data analyst tool until I discovered the ability for a data analyst to: create tables, indexes, procedures, functions, etc… , drop tables, run any type of SQL (permissions allowing…).

In our shop, a data analyst analyzes data. They do not develop database objects.

The ability to create ER diagrams, guided SQL Query, export to Excel, explorer multiple types of database from one tool is powerful; something that our power users and analysts would love. I can not, however, advocate providing an analyst or power user a tool that have the features, whether permission controled or not, that can make DML or DDL changes to a database.

The Achilles heel to this product - IMHO, it the ability to issue DDL and DML statements. That changes this tool from an analyst tool to a development tool. As a development tool, we already have toad. Why would we want this product?

Thanks in advance for your insights.

No worries. Just have IT install Toad for Data Analysts in Read Only mode. This will disallow all DDL statements. We have provided for this use case as this is a common request from many companies.

Please see the Toad_InstallGuide.pdf that is bundled with TDA. This install can be done through the GUI or command line.



That is what I was hoping was the solution.

Thanks for the quick reply.