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Why doesn't my autocomplete and editor highlighting/styles persist on a cross-connection editor?

I have a ton of code completion and highlighting/formatting customizations for SQL Server connections. But when i create a cross-connection query between 2 SQL Servers, those customizations dont work. How can I fix this? TDP v4.0.0.624

Code Completion, syntax highlighting and formatting are all associated to specific connections. Cross-connection is considered specific connector.

Can you give me several examples of what you want to see for Cross-connection? if it is complex I might need to open a support case and get all your settings files.

I have pretty customized set of styles. I looked in the dropdown where you select the connection type to format, but didnt see a cross-connection option. If the formatting styles for the cross connection query live in its own folder, I can copy then SQL Server styles over to it.

Oh, and as a side note, I wish the editor's background color could be controlled within the styles rather than as a global setting. This is the main reason I'm having trouble with the cross-connection formatting. It uses black text and other darker colors, but my editor background color is already dark, and i use lighter colored font colors. So when using a cross connection uses the darker colors, it's hard to read.

For Syntax Highlighting and styles, Cross Connection settings are set through the Local Storage/Local DB option and folder.