Why doesn't the f8 SQL Recall not store DMLs

I was looking for a update statement from last week and I never realized TOAD does not store DMLs in the sql recall. Am I missing where old DML live?

Are you looking in the "Recent" tab or the "Saved" tab?

I just started Toad, and ran an update in the editor with F9, and the statement appeared in SQL Recall, in the "Recent" tab. You have to manually save items from "Recent" to get them to "Saved".

Anything run with F5 does not go to SQL recall, could that be it?

Thanks, I never realized my muscle memory is set to always hit f5. When I hit f9 it was there. Thanks

You're welcome.

F9 is almost always preferable to F5. The only time you should really use F5 is when you have multiple statements to run one after another

But you aren't the only one who hits F5. I can see how users might use one or the other for certain things and seems more or less the same. I wrote have a F9-vs-F5 rant a while back. I forgot about SQL Recall when I wrote it. I just updated it.