Z-order of modal dialogs issue

Toad for Oracle Base Edition (32-bit)

Modal dialogs are appearing beneath the parent window spawning them.


  1. F4 a package name types in editor to invoke "Describe Objects" window.
  2. Go to save the package to a file
  3. Save dialog appears behind the "Describe Objects" window


Hi Paul,

Everything is stacked right for me. Got any more info on how to make it happen?

My steps were:

  1. Start Toad with a fresh user files folder
  2. CTRL+D, type in a package name, ENTER
  3. click the "Save" button on Package toolbar

Here's what I was getting, by F4-ing an object name from editor:

Note : Stuff redacted as we have strict contractual rules.

I tried your CTRL+D and it seems to have fixed the Z-order now. Weird??


For me, it works correctly with F4 as well.

When you say CTRL+D fixed it, do you mean it works correctly now regardless of how you launch the describe dialog, or does it work correctly when you CTRL+D but fail when you F4?


Yes, after using CTRL+D, Z order is correct regardless of F4 or CTRL+D again. Before F4 continually had the issue.


Yeah that's weird alright. If you discover a way to make it fail again, please let me know.

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