Issue with popups in

Here is the scenario:

In SQL Editor i locate cursor ion table name and press f4- describe window gets opened.

I select one of the columns and use an icon from toolbar to delete a column - I get some message being displayed below my describe window, but I can only guess it’s one of the confirmations for deleting the column, since it’s completely covered by describe window.

Something is wrong with order of windows, confirmation dialog (modal) should always be displayed on top.

I’ve tried to reproduce this with settings a few different ways, but for me, the confirmation dialog is always on top.

If you can make this happen again, will you send a screen shot? Maybe something else is at play here that I’m not considering.



See attached image.

Thanks. It’s a little hard to tell what I’m looking at, but I think I see a “go to line number” popup being covered by a describe package dialog. I tried reproducing that but can’t make that one happen either, sorry. If you have any more detailed steps on how to reproduce this, let me know. Thanks.

My apologies, it really required some comments.

You’re right it was a Go to line dialog being displayed under the describe window.

But it looks to me like it’s generic issue.

Once I have describe window open any dialog (go to line is a great example) is displayed under this describe window. Options window follows the same logic…

One more thing worth mentioning is - I’ve following options selected

“Stay-On-Top window outside of Toad”

“Each Describe is its own window”

Maybe some setting is a factor. If you zip up your user files folder and send it to me ( I’ll be happy to try it again. Also, let me know if this is 32 or 64 bit Toad, and what version of windows (and if that is 32 or 64).

Yes, I could tell those describe window settings from your screen shot. That’s what I tried too. It didn’t seem to make any difference for me if I changed them.

it’s 64 bits- file has just been sent