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11.6 Session/Program collapses

In Toad version 11.5 and previous I could open the session browser and then expand a program with the refresh set to update the screen, and it would just refresh.

In Toad 11.6 it keeps collapsing the program for every refresh, making this view much less useful - as I like to keep tabs on the last access time for each session as a heads up in case the app server stops accessing the database.

Is there a setting someplace to set this behavior - or is this an unintentional “bug”?


This response isn’t going to be very helpful, but I just upgraded from 11.5 to 11.6 and I am not experiencing that behavior. When I open the session browser, group by program and expand the group, check the ‘Refresh’ box, the groups stay expanded as you would expect.

I agree - if it collapsed on every refresh, the auto-refresh functionality would be useless. I don’t know of any settings for this, but as with most things in Toad, when there’s weird behavior like this the first thing I try is to (backup and) wipe out my User Files directory so that I have a clean set of .ini files.