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.14 Session browser

If I’m in session browser and hit refresh, the upper sessions panel gets blanked out. If I then move the scroll bar on the upper panel, the panel gets refreshed/repainted and I see data. Screen prints attached
toad_session_browser.docx (268 KB)

Hmmm…I’m not sure what’s going on here. I can’t reproduce this. does it matter what is selected at the bottom? Does it matter what database you connect to? If you close Toad, rename your user files folder, and restart Toad, does the problem persist?

I cannot reproduce it either, I tried selecting different tabs both in the top as well as bottom panel . You may also want to try it out by starting with a clean set of user files.

Utilities | User Settings | Create a clean set of userfiles from base Installation

I think this is related to the scrolling/repaint problem that has been reported in the schema browser (It’s the same type of control)

We recently updated some of our 3rd party components and this seems to be fixed.