Toad World® Forums Problem saving connection changes


This affects the new release and most likely previous releases.

I have two connections that are nearly identical, the only difference is the hostname (both using “direct” tab). One entry uses the SCAN hostname the other uses a VIP hostname. BTW, the passwords happened to be different between these two entries.

Attempting to change the entry with the wrong password…

  1. Edit Login Record
  2. Enter the new password.
  3. Test (it works!)
  4. OK
  5. “There is already a record with that user/database. Update it?” YES

The other record gets the password update, not the one I was editing.

Additional info:

Thought that I should mention that all of my connections have a custom column “Group” that I use to group by DB tier (Prod/Dev/QA, etc.).

In the list of connections, the hostname appears as “XXX02DB01-VIP:1521/DBNAME”, but in the detail pane Host is “XXXXX-SCAN”. The refresh button does not resolve this inconsistency.


Was able to get it to save properly by updating both the password and inconsistent host entry.


I think this is the root of the problem. Somehow, the “Edit login record” dialog is not opening on the focused record of the login window, and then when you go to save it, it’s updating one record to look like the other (which is why it gave you the ‘update’ prompt - because by updating, you’d end up with 2 login records to the same user/database.

Unfortunately, I can’t get the “edit” dialog to show a different login. I tried creating a group and grouping by that column, but it didn’t help.


No worries. Once I discovered the workaround, was able to update these connections without further issue.