Styling of "Symbol" color is not persistent

Hi there,

using the latest beta i noticed that my change of the Foreground color for "Symbol" under Editor > Font and Styling > SQL > Styling is resetted to "Blue" on a restart of Toad. I previously set this to "Default" which is set to "White" in the Globals tab.

I'm using the "Shade" Dark Color Scheme.

I also noticed a small flickering on the taskbar icon when changing windows inside Toad. But the switch-time between windows has greatly improved. Much appreciated.

While i'm at it. Is there a setting for the color of the active connection on the Window Bar? This is also blue and i would like to change it to some other color when having multiple connections open:


Thank you very much.


Thanks, @mathias.schroeder. The Foreground color issue is logged and has not yet been resolved. As a workaround you can select White and it will stick.


Hi @mathias.schroeder

Unfortunately, the task bar icon flicker is a direct result of the window switch time improvement. It seemed like a good trade off though.

I see what you mean about the active color on the window bar not having enough contrast. I'll change that to a theme-appropriate color when themes are enabled. As a workaround, you can use connection colors in the login window.