Additional information shown on shortcuts


If there are n shortcuts of the same object, I am missing the information on each shortcut that there are n of them. So I suggest an option to let the caption of a shortcut appear like this: “Entity1 : 2 (n)”. This would help when you’re searching in a big model for an information which perhaps doesn’t exist.
Is there a workaround via script?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Norbert,

Thanks for your suggestion. If we understand well, let’s say you have 13 shortcuts of Entity 1 and would like to see them e.g. as Entity 1 : 2 (13).
In other words, Entity name : number of the shortcut (total number of shortcuts of this entity).
Are we right?

We’ve discussed it here and think it wouldn’t be a good solution. Entity names are often long and we do not want to add other information there.
However, let me say that you can see list of all the entity shortcuts in Model Explorer. Please see the particular entity | Shortcuts folder.
If you have 13 shortcuts of the Entity 1 and delete e.g. shortcut Entity 1 : 4, other shortcuts will be renumbered and you will see in Model Explorer shortcuts 1 to 12. (In ERD as well, of course.)
I hope this will help a little.

If you have any questions, please write me back.