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Alert log viewer pulls wrong RAC node log

I have a RAC database where the alert log viewer always tries to pull the alert log from the wrong node. When connected to node 1, the viewer tries to load the log from node 2, and vice versa. This is the only RAC database that shows this problem, so I assume that it's a configuration problem somewhere. How can I fix this so the viewer will pull the log from the correct node?

Sorry for the delay in responding. I was out last week.

Which version of Toad are you using? Toad version 11 and newer has this "Instance" dropdown that appears when you connect to RAC. You can set it to whichever instance you want the log for.

I am wondering if you have that but it is working incorrectly, or you have an older Toad version that does not have it. If you have an older Toad version, you can likely solve the problem by connecting directly to the desired instance, and not the main one that does the load balancing.