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Anyway to automatically create documentation for view or materialized_view?

Anyway to automatically create documentation for view or materialized_view?

what do you mean by ‘documentation’ exactly?

Some possible answers to your question:

Schema Browser -> View/Materialized View -> (select one) -> See right hand side.

Database -> Report -> HTML Schema Doc Generator

Thanks, I’ll check out your suggestions. I’m trying to document what’s in a view. What base tables and columns comprise it, and any processing or restrictions to the original data.

On the Right Hand Side of the Schema Browser, you’ll see a tab called “Deps (Uses)” that lists all of the objects that the view uses. If you want it to include objects owned by SYS, you can adjust that in Options -> Schema Browser -> Right Hand Side -> “Omit SYS objects…”

Or if you just want to see the view’s definition, then go to the Script tab.

The Deps(Uses) tab seems to have the relevant information. It would be nice to generate an easy to view report showing the flow of data from tables to view. In my case the top view is pulling data from other views, which in turns pulls it from other views and/or tables. The Deps(Uses) tab shows the parent-child relationship for the tables and views. But you have to work hard to trace the columns. And the output is not easy to follow, a flow chart would be nice.

You can also go into Schema Browser, choose Materialized Views from the list, right-click on the materialized view you are interested in and choose ER Diagram from the list.

This will produce an ER Diagram of the materialized View for you.